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Project Development Check List

How to get projects off to a good start
  • For each new project we need you to fill out our online New Project Information Form. This form gives us the infomation we need to set up:

    • A project account to handle incoming and outgoing funds
    • A record in our database to track project information
    • Project files
    • Income distribution agreements
    • Contracts

    This form needs to be filled out whether your product is licensed by an outside company or produced for sale here on campus.

    Creative Works New Project Information Form

  • The Marketing Information Form needs to be filled out whenever a product will be produced by Creative Works for distribution and resale. This form gives us the information we need to set up:

    • A catalog number which needs to be assigned to all products
    • A UPC barcode assignation, if needed
    • The product page on our catalog website
    • Sales information

    This form only needs to be filled out if Creative Works will be duplicating and distributing your product.

    Creative Works Marketing Information Form

  • Any product that will either be licensed through or distributed by the Creative Works office has to have clearances for all material that is not original. For more information about what this entails, visit the Copyright Licensing Office and take their online tutorial.

    Copyright Licensing Office
  • When students work on a project, it is highly advisable to ensure that their contributions are work for hire. In the past we have experienced difficulties maintaining contact with students after they graduate and it can make further development of a project awkward.
  • Releases (signed permissions) to use models, performances or locations are required for all projects and developers are responsible for securing all releases necessary. Creative Works has several of these forms available, but your project may need additional releases.

    Download Creative Works Release Forms

  • When your product is licensed by an off-campus company, a contract agreeing to the limits of the use of the product is signed. Typically the company then creates it's own packaging and markets it through their company channels and contacts. Royalties are paid to Creative Works on a regular basis (quarterly, bi-annually or annually.) Distribution of those funds by our office occurs after any project deficits are covered and as per the BYU Intellectual Property Policy (BYU login required).

    BYU Intellectual Property Policy
  • When Creative Works sells your product through our online websites, monies accumulate in each project account. Distribution of those funds by our office occurs after any project deficits are covered and as per the BYU Intellectual Property Policy (BYU login required), similar to projects that get licensed to off-campus companies.

    Licensing and Creative Works distribution are not mutually exclusive. We have several products that use both features. For instance, a product may be licensed to a national company, but we will produce the item for sale to students on campus through the BYU Store.

    BYU Intellectual Property Policy
  • Creative Works handles educational projects of a technical nature, but if your project needs patenting, the Technology Transfer Office is who you need to contact.

    Technology Transfer Office